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24 / 7 Live Vet Chat


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Fuzzy App Access

Fuzzy App Access

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Smart Care Features

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Medical Record Storage

Medical Record Storage

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Comprehensive pet care that’s affordable

Access our vet team at a fraction of the in-person cost. Just sign up, answer a few questions about your pet, and you’ll unlock our round-the-clock care, discounts, and more.

Talk with a vet via chat or video 24/7

Start with 50% off your first subscription order

Enjoy free shipping on every order

Save an additional 10% on all our products

Use one account for all your pets

Refill your prescriptions without another vet trip

Learn from our vets with the Fuzzy Academy

Sync records and track vaccines from the app

Get yearly virtual physical examinations

Instant access to licensed vets

You’re less than a minute away from the care and attention of our licensed vet team 24/7. Develop a proactive care plan, get emergency advice, or just tell us what’s on your mind. We’re always here.

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